Welcome to Digital Technologies

This is Digital Technologies, one of the subjects that is available as an option for year 10 students. This subject is self explanatory, you will be working with digital tech, mainly computers. This website features a basic summary of what Digital Technologies is and why it could benefit you.

In Year 11 Digital Technologies we are have been through the topics:

  • How to use Microsoft word
  • How to use Microsoft excel
  • How to use Photoshop CS6
  • How to use html to create a website

This website is a result of the topic "How to use html to create a website". Learning how to code html is an interesting thing that you will be able to learn if you take Digital Technologies. I have been in Digital Technologies for 2 years now and have found it enjoyable, however it can be a great deal of stress sometimes and it can seem daunting.

If you want to know whether this subject is for you or not, then read on.

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